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What my clients are saying!

NC quote 1.png

I felt I was at a crossroads in my current role, I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave or stay. I didn't feel I had the time or space to make an informed decision, but I knew I was drowning, and it was not sustainable.  I had suffered burnout at the end of 2021 and knew I was heading back that way.

Working with Mags has been fantastic.  Confidence has been a big gain for me, I felt like an imposter and was just waiting to for everyone else to find out, I now realise, after completing exercises with Mags, I am good at my job and my current company are lucky to have me. I don't know everything, but that is ok.

The brain fog has cleared, I have a clear idea of where I am heading in my career and now feel comfortable with it and my mind now feels at peace. Work is still busy, but I now feel mentally able to deal with it. The way I was working was not productive and I now get a lot more work done now in shorter working days than I did when I was working 10–12-hour days.

NC, Standalone HR Manager

HD quote 1.png

I was frequently becoming really stressed, felt overwhelmed in my job and doubted my ability.  I felt I needed some self-care and get some guidance to help me manage and improve the situation before it became worse and really affected my health and wellbeing.

Working with Mags has been wonderful.  From our first session you were able to put a finger on exactly what I was going through and give me insight as well as practical tools that have really helped me with a mind shift.  Under your guidance I was able to see very clearly how my learned reactions, old, preconceived ideas and mindset were having a negative effect on me.

I feel so much more confident - I am back in the driving seat.  I have the tools now to stop myself when the old thoughts creep in.  For the first time in ages, I know I am good enough.

HD, Head of HR

HW quote 1.png

My experience of working with Mags has been excellent. I now have a new level of self-belief and am seeing the difference this has brought me in terms of what I am able to achieve.

Thank you, Mags. for your patience and kindness - which allowed us to build a relationship over such a short time frame. Thank you for your wisdom with my work dilemmas. Thank you for being so flexible in your approach throughout. It has been a joy to work with you and enlightening for me.  Many of the concepts I'll take with me because I was able to put them into practice and see instant results. You do an amazing job.  I'll miss you.

HW, Senior HR Professional

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And here are some more!

KL quote 2.png

My experience of working with Mags was exceptional.  I felt comfortable and at ease from the first session.

I have used many of the techniques to get me through some difficult decisions and really tough times and ultimately change my life completely for the better.

I particularly loved the buzz I felt at the end of each session - that feeling of having had a breakthrough.

It was excellent value - I'd have paid more!

Mags - I think you are brilliant!  You put me at ease and have a really lovely approach!

KL, Senior HR Professional

GL quote 1.png

I had experienced a very difficult working relationship with my boss and it completely damaged my self esteem and also impacted my mental health. I knew I had to shake the feeling of 'imposter syndrome' as well as all of the other self- deprecating thoughts I was experiencing as a result of the way I had been treated.

It was a new experience for me and one which I didn't expect to get so much value from. I really liked Mags as a person and thought this is definitely felt completely at ease with her. She is very honest and doesn't pay you lip service and, although she shows great empathy, she is not afraid to challenge. For me personally, that was important

She put me out of my comfort zone on many occasions and as a result I learnt a lot about myself. That is one of the great things about what Mags does, she makes you reflect on things you have talked about - I certainly had more than a few lightbulb moments.

GC, VP of HR

VR quote 1.png

I was really struggling with being in a more senior position in my company and spinning lots of plates. I felt my confidence was going and was feeling imposter syndrome creep up more and more daily. But I knew other people within my business were noticing it too.

I liked the way you pushed me out of my comfort zone and sometimes I didn't even know you were doing it until afterwards. The tools and techniques you used to help push me think about things differently 

I particularly loved your personality/approach - the way you made me feel at ease every session.  You'd listen and provide feedback/guidance where needed, this is exactly what I needed.

Thanks Mags, the sessions have been great and I've really valued the work and effort you have put into helping me overcome some of the challenges I was facing.

VR, Head of HR

Testimonials: Testimonials
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