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Why choose Mags?

Working with me as your Coach you get the pretty unique combination.

Not only am I a highly experienced professional coach who works uniquely with HR professionals, I have also worked in the Corporate HR world for over 25 years (and am Chartered MCIPD L7). I therefore understand the unique challenges that working in the HR space can bring.  I’ve been at the ‘coal face’ and have ‘the T-Shirts’ of overwhelm, burnout, low confidence, imposter syndrome and that sense of thanklessness too.

I truly believe that this combination is what gives me a highly effective range skills and understanding to help you to remove those mental blocks, fears and unhelpful beliefs that come up on a daily basis so that you can achieve your most confident, peak-performance level in the workplace - FAST!

I work with my clients no matter where they are based by using Zoom.  We have regular, in-depth face to face sessions based on a bespoke 6-session programme which I tailor to your specific goals based on the priorities we have jointly identified during an initial deep-dive introductory session.


Is this you?

Let me start by asking you a question.

Are you currently experiencing one or more of the following? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • Imposter syndrome which is having a crippling effect on your ability to take action – whilst feeling the everyday worry of being exposed as a fraud?

  • Crippling levels of low confidence and self-belief which has you comparing yourself to everyone else (negatively!) and hesitant to speak out or challenge back?

  • Mentally and physically exhausted from trying to keep all those plates spinning from crashing to the ground.  The signs of burnout are becoming just too real!

  • Feeling the emotional drain of those highly-charged ER cases – the avalanche of negative emotions coming at you from all angles is exhausting?

Would you rather have this?

And now, another question.​

Would you prefer to be experiencing this? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • Dialled up levels of confidence and self-belief – with thoughts of “You know what, I CAN do this, I DO deserve this seat at the table, I AM adding value”

  • A new-found, unapologetic attitude to boundaries and self-care – the resilience will be back - and strong for when those next curve-balls land

  • Colleagues (and loves ones) remarking on seeing a massive difference in you (in a good way!) – confident, assertive, self-assured, outspoken, calm

  • Having a sense of being re-energised and vibrant, yet with an inner peace and calm you haven’t felt for a while – allowing you to consistently deliver at peak performance!

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Take a moment to imagine…

Together we can do this!

It is my mission is to make absolutely sure this program is 100% effective in helping you to overcome the most common challenges that you go through both professionally and personally every day and to help get you to a place of feeling fully energised, focused and on top of your game in the workplace, both mentally and physically!

✅ The mind-fog will disappear, and you will be crystal clear on the goals you have both practically and in terms of mindset.  I will create a bespoke program tailored to your desired outcomes, which will help you to shift your identity to the successful confident version of you who shows up at the highest level both in work and at home – giving you the feeling “this is what life should be about’”

✅ Overwhelm, stress and burnout will become things of the past as you discover tools and strategies to prioritise self-care along with the fearless attitude that they are non-negotiable to the point people will remark on the difference in you; consistently delivering with a calm, assured confidence

✅ You will have overcome all your fears, unhelpful beliefs and mental blocks to become the confident, high-performing HR professional that you are meant to be, brimming with self-belief

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You deserve more!

Now is the time to take care of your ‘future you’!

Click the button below and tell me a bit about what you've got going on!  Push past any fear that might stopping you from taking this first step to a transformed life away from burnout and exhaustion, low self-belief and imposter syndrome and towards a life of fulfilment, energy, clarity and excitement!

I'll come back to you pretty quickly and we'll take it from there! There will be no pressure selling - not my style! 

Your future self will thank you!

Take control of your life – and TAKE ACTION!

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